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    appy dudul :)

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    appy dudul :) Empty appy dudul :)

    Post by fenofeno on Sat May 15, 2010 2:52 pm

    3.Draken +3str : Lv3 Rage Lv1 Glare Lv2ChipRage
    Draken +7agi : Lv3 Rage Lv1 BD Eye Lv2Chip Rage
    Hermes Frame 3soc 110% Lv2 Colo Lv1 Chipp
    Boots Lv75 +5 str
    Hermes Claw 110% 3soc Lv1 BD Eye Lv3 Lust
    Mjr Lv43 Str
    NeackLace 3str 3 con
    2 Rings Lv65 Str...

    5.hmm y4n..Ruruu..skyline..more..
    6.this is a good guild..very good..and i be happy to be 1 of ur member...

    thank you very much..hope u accpet me

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